Getting Your Business on the Google Map

What it is

This is a great tool for all business owners involved with the Chamber to be a part of. Show on Business Directory specifies whether your entry will display in the Google map for other chamber members and quite possibly customers to see.

Best time to use this

When you’re first setting up your member profile you should fill this out. Also if your business address ever changes, be sure to change this as well.d


Add/View/Edit Consumer Interests

  1. From the “Web” tab in the “Member Management” area.
  2. Scroll down to “Search Results Map Information”
  3. Check the box for “Show on Business Directory”.
  4. Fill in your business’s Street, City, State, Zip, Country.
  5. Google Maps will automatically fill in your longitude and latitude.
  6. Make sure you select your Point of interest category and sub-category  from the drop-down lists near the bottom.
  7. Click “save”

Click “preview web page” to see your pin! And also be sure you typed everything correctly.